Relief, Rehabilitation And Disaster Management


 I.  Bief Note About The Department :

               The Department of Relief, Rehabilation and Disaster Management (RR &M) West Siang has been attahed with the establihment of Deputy Commisioner West Sing District Aalo. The Department ha it standing Ditrict board of members headed by the Deputy Commissioner as the Chirman which is known as the District Level Relief Commitee & District Disaster Management Commitee of 11 (eleven) & 26 (twenty six) officer members respectively. The standing committee use to conduct relietf meeting from time to time on report receivedof various nature calamities like, Flood, Fire Accident, Crop Damage , Landslide etc. as well as in other hand the DDMC members used to conduct emergency meetting as and when any arise or as directed by the Chirman of the Committee.

               As per the Govt. notification vide No. FTT & FM/DROV-18/2006 of Dated Itanagar the 7th March' 2011 the District Disaste Management Committee (DDMC) the provision conferred under section 2 of Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) the provision conferred under section 2 of Disaster Management Act. 2005.

            Rehabilitaion scheme covered under Calamity Relief Fund (CRF)/ National Calamity Contingency Fund
           (NCCF) During the Year 2010-11: -

Sl. No.
Total Fund Allocated (In Rs.)
Name of District/Sub Division
Rehabilitation Scheme
1 20,00000.00 Deputy Commissioner, Aalo Relief & Rehabilitation provided to the victims of natural calamity  
2 10,00000.00 Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mechukha -do-  
3 5,00000.00 Additional Deputy Commissioner,Basar -do-  
4 5,00000.00 Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kamba -do-  
5 5,00000.00 Additional Deputy Commissioner,Yomcha -do-  
6 5,00000.00 Additional Deputy Commissioner, Rumgong -do-