1. Short write up about Deptt. of Horticulture, West Siang District, Aalo :-

D.H.O (District Horticulture Officer) is the Head of the department within the district of west Siang and its office is at Aalo, the Head Quater. Thereare nine circles and one Sub-Division. Basar, Gensi, Tirbin, Bagra, Yomcha, Kaying, Rumgong, Jomlo Mobuk including Aalo are the nine different circles. Kamba, Darak and Liromoba comes under Yomcha circle. Mechukha is the Sub-Division headed by sub-Division Officer (S.D.H.O). The rest of the circles are headed by H.D.O (Horticulture Development Officer). The district is also blessed with a citrus progeny Orchard (Jomlo Farm). located 8 km away from HQ. This farm is headed by District Horticulture an equivalent post of D.H.O. However it is run by H.D.O most of the time.

The present staffing pattern of district head quarter, circles and sub-Division are as follows:-

1. D.H.O

i) H.D.O

ii) H.F.A

iii) U.D.C

iv) L.D.C

v) Grafter

Vi) Mali

Vii) 4th Grade staff

2. S.D.H.O

i) H.D.O

ii) H.F.A

iii) Field Man

iv) 4th grade staffs

3. H.D.O

i) H.F.A

ii) 4th grade staff

All the correspondences to the government are made through D.H.O's Office, Aaalo.

2. Details of the schemess implemented by the department:-

The department of Horticulture in the district is mostly sustained by Central Sponsored Scheme (CSS). The scheme such as Technology Mission, NMMP(National Mission for Medical Plant), Apart from these schemes, N.E.C (North East Council) and State Planned schemes are also implemented. the nutshell about the schemes are explained below.

i) Technology Mission:-

TM is now re-designated as HMNE (Horticulture Mission for North East Himalayan State). the schemes was conceived in the year 2001, since then the said schemes have been implemented in the district and Arunachal State as a whole. the sub- Tropical and Temperature crops are cultivated in the different pockets of the district. The crops like orange and pineapple are extensively cultivateed in the district as major fuit crops in the sub-troical zone. On the other hand, Apple, Kiwi and Wall Nut are grown as major temperature fruit crops in the region. Ginger, Turmeric, Large guava, Litchi, Vegetable crops etc. are also grown as small scale farming. Depending on the provision of fening materials in the schemes, the farmers are provided with fenching materials as government assistance. All these schemes are given to the beneficiaries at free of cost. Off course farmers has to bear the beneficiaries contribution on their own.

Apart from the said crops, nurseries and other infrastructures such as community water tank, drip irrigation are also provided to the beneficiaries. Plant protection chemichals, Manures, Fertilizers, Vermi compost bed, Horticulture Tools & Implements are also provided to the beneficiaries free of cost. Tours and Training are also one of the provision given in the scheme.

ii) NMMP (National Mission for Medicinal plant):-

This schemes was incepted in the year 2009-10. Under the schemes we have established 60 ha area under Agar cultivation concentrated Basar and Angu area.

The planted Agar seedlings are in flourishing condition, one can have scenic view of the said garden. Planting materials in the form of seedlings, fencing materials, Manures, fertilizers, horticultural tools and implements were issued to beneficiaries free of cost.

Tours and training of farmers and field functionaries are also one of the important component of this scheme. Accordingly this office has implemented this programme in the year 2010-11.

iii) NBM (National Bamboo Mission):-

In this scheme seedlings, tools and implements etc are provided to the beneficiaries. there is no fencing provision within this scheme. The cattle like cow and mithun are voracious feeder of all the Bamboo species and as such the scheme has become failure except in certain pockets like Kabu and Yigi Kaum area. Such failure of the scheme may be attributed to the non inclusion of fencing material within the scheme.

iv) NEC (North East Council):-

Under NEC Scheme, the total amount of the schemes is bifurcated in two division viz- NEC's Share where 90 % have to be born by them and state Matching Share which State Government has to bear 10 % of the total scheme cost. One scheme was granted for the district in the year 2010-11 and accordingly we have implemented it in the Logyi area of Karbak Village under West Siang District, the established garden can be seen now with flourishing young orange seedlings located at Logyi area