MLA Inaugurates Binga Tato Children Park in Newly Created MG Village

Publish Date : 18/11/2021

:- MLA Inaugurates Binga Tato Children Park

On 17th Nov:-The MLA 27th Liromoba cum Advisor Shri  Nyamar Karbak  accompanied by Shri  Penga  Tato,  Deputy  Commissioner  Aalo ,Shri  Rujjum  Raksap  ADC  Kamba,  Shri  Minba  Rakshap  ZPM  Darak  and  Shri  Bajum  Bogo  BJP  Mandal  President inaugurated Binga Tato Children Park at newly created  Minli- Gibi village on 16th November last.

The MLA  lauded    the  role  of  couple  Smty Gibi  Tato  BJP  Mahila  Mandal  President  and  Shri  Minli  Tato  DF&CSO  Shi-Yomi  District  for  donating  the  entire  village  land  and     constructing  uniform houses of  the  village  and providing  basic  amenities   like  Children  Park , water connection, electricity, volleyball field, toilets etc. He appreciated the efforts of the couple to shape up a model village at their personal level and it’s first of its kind in the entire constituency, he said assuring all possible help from his side on its further growth and development

Shri  Penga  Tato  DC  Aalo and  ADC Kamba, Shri Rujum Raksap who were present on the occasion  also  lauded  sacrifice and efforts put in by the couple to create a model village with all facilities in it and stressed on the need to follow all state/Centre   guidelines  of the  to obtain govt schemes in future.  Local  GB/HGBs,  PRI  Members,  and  PONU parties  of  nearby  villages from  Gemo  Tali,  Yaki  Tato,  Keak,  Kesi  Tali  &  Minli-Gibi  villages  under  Kamba  Circle,  West  Siang  District  were also present on the occasion.