MLAs Donate Voluntarily; Self Imposed Social Restriction Enhanced 100% Shutdown.

Publish Date : 02/06/2020

Aalo March28:- The MLA Aalo East, Shri Kento Jini donated Rs.1,50,000 to DMO Aalo as immediate Relief for clinical masks, sanitizers, gloves etc and Rs. 1.00.000 for police personnel as an encouragement to boost the morale of the medical officials engaged in fight against Covid-19 and police for enforcing the shut down orders. The MLA Liromoba Shri Nyamar Karbak also donated Rs.2, 00000 for Kamba ,Yomcha Liromoba and Darak PHCs for meeting PPE like hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and other expenditure. The MLA also assured to bear expenditure of all medical expenses for treatment of any Covid related cases within 27-Liromoba constituency. The DMO Aalo, Dr. Moli Riba has extended his gratitude to both the
MLAs to come up for the cause in the hour of Crisis. The shut down on 26th evening to 28th evening was total as not a single vehicle flew; all offices and commercial establishments were totally closed due to social imposed shutdown after that mass ritual at Aalo on 25th and 26th March. The colonies/ sectors barricaded themselves. Such rituals and social imposed restrictions are likely to take place in many more places of the district in the days to come. The Youth and Civil society have come up voluntarily to assist the doctors, police and magistrates in screening, quarantining and imposing shutdown order of Govt besides collecting firewoods for the medical team doing the duty at Hissam Gate,