Mopin Festival Celebrated with Pomp and Gaiety

Publish Date : 07/04/2022

Mopin Festival Celebrated with Pomp and Gaiety

Aalo 6th April:- Mopin Festival that Echoes the ethos of Galos community was celebrated  with pomp and traditional gaiety at the epic centre of Galo Gumin at Gumin Kiin on 6th April.

                            Giving his Mopin greeting as the Chief Guest of the celebration, Er. Tumke Bagra, Hon’ble Minister Industrial Training ete  highlighted the personals initiation  of 1st ever collective Mopin celebration  at Aalo during 1966, by Lt. Boken Ete,Lt. Kore Bagra, Lt. Gotu Bagra and Lt. Gumken Ngomdir. He also suggested the CMCC to judiciously utilize the generated fund and solemnized the sacrifice Day on 5th April as per the state holyday list to attracted more tourists in days to come.  Hospitality is a hallmark of the community and he appealed the Galo community to maintain its age old rich culture that has many things to offer to the outside world.

                   Greeting the gathering as the “Guest- of- Honour’ Mrs Nyabi Jini Dirchi cum ZPC, Lepa-Rada District and as” Special Guest, Sri Ijum Karbak, Senior citizen, appealed all the entire denizen to participate the Mopin festival with full pomp & show.

          The President Central Mopin Celebration Committee,Sri Babom Romin ZPC, President cum Pingi Neri and Er. Komba Taso, Secretary dwelt at length on the significance of the festival and extended” Mopin Agam, to all the Galo MLA’s, DC Aalo,HOD’s, Entrepreneur’s and other well wisher for their generous contribution to meet-up the financial requirement in organization of Mopin’22, in befitting manner at Aalo.

          The programme was ended with the beautiful “Popir Competition, from all the sectors and popir party from Liromoba and Geku Popir team (Upper Siang) as a cultural exchange programme.