DC Hears Grievances of GBs of Darka Village.

Publish Date : 16/11/2020

new KGBs appointed

Aalo 13th Nov:- The West Siang Deputy Commissioner Shri Moki Loyi heard in length on appointments of two vacant HGBs of the biggest village in West Siang in presence of the all 15 GBs of the village at Conference Hall of DC office today. Shri Loyi exhorted the institution of GB to continue its role in settling local disputes in a fair and free manner as the lowest unit of administration and maintain neutrality during any election as the administrative agent of the govt. He assured to look into the two vacant posts of HGBs of the village basing on the popular demand of all GBs of the village stating that institution today needs few GBs who can read and write to make it more vibrant. He disclosed that he will go through records for appointment of three HGBs for a village, whether appointment were made on the basis of segments like Darka-1, Darka-II and Darka -III and process of appointment may take time due to declaration of Panchayat Election in the state. But he will tie up with the govt. for appointment as it is an existing case not as new one. The 13 HGBs and GBs from three segments of Darka village who spoke on the occasion said that they are signatories for appointment of two Young GBs, Shri Medam Ete and Kenba Ete to help them in all official,works relating to local Kebas in the village.