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District Administration
Name Designation Address Phone
Smti. Swetika Sachan, IASDeputy CommissionerDC's Office, Aalo.03783-222221
Shri Sode Potom, APCSAddln. Deputy CommissionerDC Office, Aalo.
Shri Henkir LollenEACDC Office, Aalo.
Shri Liyi BagraEACDC Office, Aalo
Shri Lijum EteCOElection Office, Aalo9402474768
Ms Omey ApangCO7640940442
Smti Oni PadungCODC Office, Aalo9436248964
Shri Gijum TaliDIPRODC Office, Aalo.03783-224148
Shri Gomo SoraFAODC Office, Aalo03783-224191
Head Of Departments
Name Designation Address Phone
Shri Abhinav kumar, IFSDFOForest Office, Aalo.8794646174
Dr. Nyage GeyiDMODMO Office, Aalo09485231622
Shri Kojar NakeSupt. (Tax & Excise)Tax & Excise Office, DC Office , Aalo9436040833
Shri Nima DorjeeDDMORelief & Disaster Management Office, Aalo03783-224010
Rita YorungDTO (Tourism)Tourism Department, DC Office, Aalo9436696469
Shri Henge RibaDPOPlanning Office, Aalo03783-222388
Shri Hummo TaipodiaDTO (Transport)DC Office, Aalo9402677988
Shri Rebom NgusoDFCSOSupply Office, DC Office, Aalo03783-222489
Name Designation Address Phone
Shri Jummar Basar, APPSSuperintendent of PoliceSP Office, Aalo03783-222299
Shri Sange Thinley, APPSDy. SPSP Office, Aalo03783-222816
Ms Gamde PaduProsecuting OfficerSP Office, Aalo03783-222020