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District Administration
Name Designation Address Phone
Smti. Swetika Sachan, IASDeputy CommissionerDC's Office, Aalo.03783-222221
Shri Nampang Wanjen, APCSAddln. Deputy CommissionerDC Office, Aalo.9774967090
Shri K.Tikhak,SDODC Office, Aalo.8731951140
Shri C ChukhuEACDC Office, Aalo9402265130
Smt. Binti MibangCODC Office, Aalo7640954146
Smt. Kartu BamCODC Office, Aalo8132887248
Shri Gijum TaliDIPRODC Office, Aalo.03783-224148
Shri Gomo SoraFAODC Office, Aalo03783-224191
Head Of Departments
Name Designation Address Phone
Shri Abhinav kumar, IFSDFOForest Office, Aalo.8794646174
Dr. Nyage GeyiDMODMO Office, Aalo09485231622
Shri Kojar NakeSupt. (Tax & Excise)Tax & Excise Office, DC Office , Aalo9436040833
Shri Nima DorjeeDDMORelief & Disaster Management Office, Aalo03783-224010
Rita YorungDTO (Tourism)Tourism Department, DC Office, Aalo9436696469
Shri Henge RibaDPOPlanning Office, Aalo03783-222388
Shri Hummo TaipodiaDTO (Transport)DC Office, Aalo9402677988
Shri Rebom NgusoDFCSOSupply Office, DC Office, Aalo03783-222489
Name Designation Address Phone
Shri Jummar Basar, APPSSuperintendent of PoliceSP Office, Aalo03783-222299
Shri Sange Thinley, APPSDy. SPSP Office, Aalo03783-222816
Ms Gamde PaduProsecuting OfficerSP Office, Aalo03783-222020