Number of schemes benefiting farmers are being implemented under CSS and State Plan. Most of the schemes are beneficiary oriented with the objective to raise their economic status and ensure sustainability and sustained income, enhancing task / fish production and availability of quality fish seed.


Fish plays a vital role to the nutrition of our ill-nourished millions. Despite being an easily digestible protective food, enjoying the patronage of all sections of society, fish is not contributing to the extent as it is mainly due to the gap between demand and supply. Though fish is a very popular diet, its cost is often prohibitive for the common man to afford. West Siang District is blessed with vast natural resources for development of capture fisheries. In order to tap these resources, the Department of Fisheries is making constant effort by providing various schemes like FFDA, RKVY, SPS, NFWS and apart from this, other schemes like MLALAD, SGSY are being implemented to boost up fish production and ensure its availability on demand and to eradicate un-employment as well as upliftment of poorer sections of the society. With the initiation of various Departmental and allied schemes, the scientific fish culture in the district has gained momentum amongst the local people who are coming forward to take up the more schemes as a source of their livelihood, income and self employment.


The District Fisheries Development Officer is responsible for overall Fisheries development in the District jurisdiction who are assisted by the Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Demonstrators and other auxiliary / supporting staffs for all round development and execution of various schemes.