The department of Agriculture in the district has assisted in various items/schemes to the agriculturist as per their demand on the basis of 50% subsidy except P. P. chemicals on 75% subsidy. The details of various items/schemes assisted every year are as follows:-

High Yielding Varieties.

On execution of this programme helped in replacing the local indigenous seed materials by higher yielding seed, significant increase in productivity observed. Higher yield local paddy seed selected from various area and only suitable for Jhum condition, seeds have been distributed for getting comparatively better productivity from jhum yield. The motive of High Yielding Variety seed distribution is to introduce improvement in producing high production in food crops. Thus increase the total production.

Commercial Crops.

As per new agricultural policy practising cash crop cultivation have been given due importance and improved through this beneficial programme and considerable area under double crop also observed.

Manures & Fertilizers.

To increase per capita unit in productivity is only possible through the use of chemicals along with organic manures and remarkable increase in production also took place but many more area is still left out due to age old benefits. More result and demonstration in this regard is essential.

Plant Protection Chemicals.

Due to hot humid climate during growing stage of food crops, the intensity of attack of insects, pests and diseases is far more in this district and almost 45 to 50% attack averted through timely application of pesticides and fungicides.

Agricultural Engineering.

In this scheme various machines like tractors, power tiller, water pumping set, winnower and other tools and implements had assisted to the agriculturist on the basis of one time guarantee.  Other tools and implements/machines have been taken up on the basis of 50% subsidy.

Tools are not only used for primary and secondary tillage operation but also very much in the use post harvest such as cleaning of grain, winnowing and milling., etc of paddy crop. In this way manual labor is minimized and more area could be brought under cultivation falling double cropping. As a result, demand for farm machineries are increasing day by day in this district.

Further department had also assisted one power tiller each to those educated unemployed youth, one for each and every political constituency of the district on free distribution under self help group to gear up the economic condition of the educated unemployed youth in the district.