Main Water Supply Source to Aalo Town Disrupted again.

Publish Date : 06/12/2019


Aalo 05th Dec.: – The main water supply source to Aalo Township is once again disrupted heavily to suffer water scarcity in the town for the second time from today. The D.I. Pipeline 300 mm is disjointed due to heavy land filling and formation cutting of road from Nigmoi to SFS College. The PHED source has clearly stated that it will time some days to restore the damage caused again.
The road construction is going on under the supervision of PWD Aalo Division and water consumers are yet to suffer unwanted scarcity ever since the construction of that particular road. The Executing Agency and contractor are well aware of the problem people faced when it was disrupted earlier and need to liaise with PHE department to avoid such frequent disruptions as restoration of main pipelines requires enormous machines and manpower.