Shi-Yomi District Planning Committee Finalises GPDP Schemes.

Publish Date : 03/01/2020

Shi Yomi

Aalo 27th Dec: The District Planning Committee has finalised all Gram Panchayat Development Plan under peoples’ Plan campaign for Shi-Yomi district under the Chairmanship of Shri Mito Dirchi, Deputy Commissioner today. The meeting attended by ADC headquarter Shri Tuli Gangkak, Shri Bairo Sorum ADC Mechuka, HODs, BDOs, BPNOs, Facilitators and members of interim committees of the Gram Panchayats gave detail deliberations on schemes to be taken up and Committee approved all viable and feasible schemes.
The DC said that schemes placed for approval should be viable and people-centric and exhorted all officers to work hard for timely completion of all schemes proposed in the Gram Sabhas so that people are benefited at large. The District Panchayat Development Officer cum Member Secretary of Mechuka,Tato, Monigong and PidiAchal Samiti, Shri Gamtum Padu outlined the aim and objective behind conducting the meeting.