Society Unveils Liin Paviing way for inter-Clan Marriage Recognition

Publish Date : 10/01/2022

Society Unveils Liin Paviing way for inter-Clan Marriage Recognition

Aalo 9th January:-  The much awaited mass recognition of inter clan marriage between Angu Kamsi of Memo clan with Ronyo-Mayi Ao unfolded with the unveiling of the traditional LIin with ritual chanting at Angu General Utility ground amid fanfare today.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Horsen Ete, Founder President of Galo Welfare Society, Shri Liya Ete President Tutem Ao Welfare Society, Shri Karsen Lollen President Tunyik Ao Welfare Society, Shri Gomar Angu President Memo Ao Welfare Society, Er. Itum Nacho Secretary TAWS and host of GBS, public leaders from many clans dwelt at length on the importance of social recognition of marriage in our tribal society and social section is a must for bringing any social changes in our society and day is a historic in the sense that it has ended the shackles that deprived inter clan marriage for ten generation.

Shri Yiadk Angu a senior member from Angu village said that we draw inspiration from the past legacy handed down to us from our forefathers and any changes that we make should be recognized drawing opinions from the clans involved in it. On the occasion the Marriage certificates were also given away to the newly wedded couples with traditional gifts from both sides of the family.