2682 Beneficiaries Covered under SRDF Fund for Dislodged Livelihood.

Publish Date : 02/06/2020

Aalo April 08:- More than 2682 beneficiaries who have lost livelihood owing to shut down have been benefitted from SDRF fund out of targeted 3000 beneficiaries. The Nodal Officers, DDMO Shri Dorjee Nima and DLEO Sapbi Yomcha also disclosed that 11 persons are being provided food in the relief camp, 9 persons are provided essential ration items and ration items have been arranged for 2673 migrants laborers across the district. Meanwhile, Villages are still performing traditional rituals to ward of the disease and sectors continue to barricade their colonies in different places and blockades are continued to outsiders and extended till the shut down period up to April 14. However, excess to essential commodities, Medical team, police and magistrates are extended through volunteers put up in each location round the clock. The first phase of vegetables distribution through Department of Agriculture from Nyiko Bango comprising of Logum Jini, Biru, Eyi have been completed and Kabu, Darka, Pobdi Bene and other villages will come forward for few days to meet up scarcity after ban on entry of vegetables from other states. In a good will gesture, Aalo Jama Masjid Trust represented by Shri Aslam Khan has also donated Rs. 25,000 to DMO Aalo as financial assistance for combating COVID-19 pandemic in West Siang District.