A team of Officers from various departments visits Water Conservation Lake at Jote.

Publish Date : 02/12/2019


Itanagar 01 Dec:- A team of officers from WRD Western Zone led Chief Engineer by Er. Likar Angu, IPR Director Shri Obang Tayeng, Joint Director Shri Obang Tayeng and others visited the Jote Lake which is a byproduct of water conservation initiative taken u by the Water Resource department. The lake water that stretches over a vast land requires a day long ferrying to know the length and breadth of the lake. The lake today now stands one of the biggest and shows a glaring example of how best underground and free flowing water can be conserved and used for multiple purposes like aquatic home, irrigation channel, environment stability and tourist friendly.
The Chief Engineer Likar Angu gave a startling revelation that in the past only mouse-tail like free flowing water and many small underground water were found in the place and WR department took the initiative to take up conservation works by constructing retaining walls in downside of the lake. The initiative paid dividend today to make it a big lake and irrigation channel are also being constructed to drain excess water from the lake to the cultivation fields. He disclosed that such schemes are also being contemplated in all districts wherever it is viable and feasible to extract benefits out of such venture.
The hard working and hospitable owner of the lake said that effort are on to plant more trees around the lake to maintain the water source, hunting of animals and birds are being stopped to maintain the balance of ecology in that place. The lake is a home 7000 rich verities of fishes.

DIPRO, Jote .