Architect of Aalo & Pioneer of English Medium, Missionary Schools in West Siang Remembered on his 2nd Death Anniversary

Publish Date : 10/01/2022

ArchitMissionary Schools in West Siang Remembered on his 2nd Death Anniversary

Aalo 8th January:-  Late Boken (Gamken) Ete, the architect in the growth and development of Aalo town, one of the pioneers of bringing English medium in this state and establishing missionary Schools in West Siang was remembered on his second death anniversary at his Sipu Colony Residence  today. The first Death anniversary could not be observed in large scale manner due to Pandemic in 2020. A documentary film on life and works of late Boken Ete was also screened for public view.

He was one of the first Generation leaders of Arunachal Pradesh and 1st MLA of 16th Along South Assembly Constituency. He started his career in British Regime as ALC in 1944, got promoted to Peon in 1945, Political Interpreter in 1946, Head PI in 1953, Base Superintendent in 1961, Political Assistant in 1963 and went on to become a MLA when 1st Assembly Elections were held in Arunachal Pradesh in 1978.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Liya Ete, SP Prison Shri Tojo Karga, GWS President Er. Tanga Kena, former Minister Shri Doi Ado and ZPM Shri TumpeEte hailed the contributions of late in ending the Slavery System, establishment of Aalo as Headquarter of undivided Siang, establishment of Rule of Law in the nascent society, growth of Keba system, championing the cause of Indigenous Faith by establishing present DPKG, establishment of RKM School and many other schools in and around Aalo and his involvement in many crucial development works.

 For his exemplary services he was awarded with Assam Governor’s Earthquake Relief Fund Medal in 1950, Assam Governor’s Commendation Certificate in 1958 and Lt. Governor’s Commendation Certificate in 1978. Among the family members, former Minister Shri Kento Ete, daughter Smti Kenyir Ete Ringu, and EAC grandson Shri Lijum Ete expressed their gratitude to all who attended the anniversary. One minute silence was also observed after prayers by Donyi Polo Kargu Gamgi team. Family members, relatives and well wishers from many districts paid their floral tributes to the noble soul on the occasion.