Publish Date : 26/12/2019


AALO, December 22, 2019: Aalo witnessed a wave of good health and happiness last week with the Art of Living conducting a series of sessions on stress-free free and healthy living. Senior faculties of the Art of Living conducted the sessions which were aimed at equipping the participants with knowledge, awareness, skills and techniques to manage the mind and live a stress-free life. More than 80 participants took part in a 4-day Happiness Program held at the Aalo Club. The Art of Living also conducted an interactive session at the Deputy Commissioner’€™s Conference Hall where several senior officials of the district administration led by DC Smt Swetika Sachan attended. Visiting senior faculty of the Art of Living Shri Rajaque Rahman spoke on the science of stress and the art of managing it. He shared practical tips for managing stress and living a happy and healthy life. Another session was also conducted for the teachers and staff of Kendriya Vidyalalya, Aalo .
The main highlight of the 4-day workshop was the Art of Living’s unique and powerful breathing technique SudarshanKriya. €œIn today’s first paced world, health and happiness appear to be almost impossible attain. But there is a simple but proven way to be truly healthy and happy in life. That€™s the SudarshanKriya, explains Smt Kenpi Bagra, an Aalo-based senior faculty of the Art of Living. €œThe rhythmic breathing technique designed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji cleanses different layers of our existence of stress and past experiences, restoring our charm and presence. It eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving the mind calm, focused and the body energized, completely relaxed,adds Smt Kegam Basar Ado another senior faculty.
In addition to SudharsanKriya, the workshop also included meditation, yoga, pranayama and relaxation processes that result in higher concentration, energy, joy and peace of mind. The ancient practices taught in the Art of Living workshop are known to enhance one’€™s charisma by uplifting the spirit, intuition, creativity, enthusiasm and intelligence.€œI went to the Art of Living hoping it will help me in my sleep problem. I was not able to sleep properly for last many months. Not only my health was deteriorating day by day, but also I was becoming very irritable and a nervous wreck. Even sleeping pills have stopped having any effect. But on the night I experienced the Sudarshaan Kriya, I could sleep so deep that I almost forgot the sufferings of so many years! I felt a big burden was lifted off my head,shares a participant Smty Kompu Ete.
€œI was in a lot of stress and was almost depressed. But after doing the SudarshanKriya, I felt very relaxed and energised. I am convinced that regular practice of the techniques learnt during the workshop will take care of my problems, adds Shri Horda Jini. And with this kind of experiences, more and more people in Arunachal Pradesh are turning to Art of Living as an alternate way to good health,says Smt Ado. Independent medical research has demonstrated significant falls in cortisol levels, known as the ‘€˜stress hormone’€™ among SudarshanKriya practitioners, suggesting that greater levels of both relaxation and resilience to stress. A study by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, concluded that regular practice of the SudarshanKriya improves the blood cholesterol profile with significant drops in total cholesterol and LDL (harmful) cholesterol, as well as increases in HDL (beneficial) cholesterol.
In a study conducted by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, the researchers found that the breathing techniques taught by the Art of Living were as effective as drugs in treating depression and the result came without any side-effects. After practicing the SudarshanKriya, brain wave patterns were found to stabilize and there was an increase in serum prolactin count.The other known benefits of the workshop also include better physical health, freedom from diseases such as diabetes, high BP, heart problems, asthma, headache, etc, improved sleep, freedom from depression and anxiety, control over anger and other negative emotions and better personal relationships.