Boris of Adi Community Celebrated Donggin Festival with Gaiety.

Publish Date : 05/02/2020

Donggin celebrated at Aalo

Aalo 1st feb: – The Boris of Adi community celebrated their popular festival with traditional fervor and gaiety at Gumin Kiin Aalo today.
Giving his Donggin message as the Chief Guest, Er. Kangong Taku MLA 40- Geku Maryang said that our rich culture, faith, belief, practices are manifested in the form of festival and age old antics and folklores need to be preserved at any cost wherever we live. He lauded the Boris for maintaining the originality and sanctity without any distortion. He stressed on living together without any social barrier and spread the message of goodwill and brotherhood through such festival and festivity. The MLA also distributed prizes for late Tatum Pangu Memorial Donggin Badminton Championship and late Yayit Pabin Gaduk Memorial Donggin Volleyball Championship played on the occasion.
Attending the festival as the Guest of Honour, Shri Kirdo Ete Secretary Aalo Town Peoples’ Development & Welfare Society and Paktu Ao Welfare Society said that culture gives us a distinct identity and onus now rests in the green shoulders of new generation to protect, preserve and propagate it. He appealed the Bori community in Aalo to focus more on education and come forward for fight against drug manace accolhism and Sapai Abhiyan in the district as true citizen of Aalo. The President DFCC, Shri Chai Padu, Gen Secy Tabot Taring, Shri Libang J.Tai dwelt on significance and mythological aspect of the Dongin Festival.