CDPKG Aalo Solemnizes ‘Layap’- A Reformative marriage System.

Publish Date : 21/08/2019


Aalo 19th August:- In Galo tribe social recognization of wife and husband is made through a marriage ceremony called ‘€œLayap’€ in which a girl, the bride is invited to bridegroom house to solemnize a marriage ceremony called Layap by performing prayer, hymens and sacrificing a white hen to ‘€œAgam’ deities. Relatives and village elders are invited to bridegroom’s house to witness the marriage. Rice beer and food are served to the invitees.
For the first time in the history of Indigenous Faith and believer’€™s Forum, a marriage ceremony of Layap was solemnized in the Central Donyi Polo Kargu Gamgi Aalo. Shri Geken Kamduk from Indian Army, S/O Shri Ligam Kamduk of Pakam-II and bridegroom Miss Gumjum Mayi, D/O Shri Ligum Mayi of Nyorak village. By this reformative system of marriage ‘€œLayap’ in Kargu Gamgi, a Religious Marriage Certificate has been issued and such certificate is accepted by law of Indian Union. There shall be no restriction and binding for opting prevailing system of Layap or to get social marriage recognition through this system.