Civil Society gives Standing Ovation to ADS for Breaking the Drug Supply Chain.

Publish Date : 03/11/2020


Aalo3rd Oct:- The West Siang Civil Society led by Aalo Town Peoples’ Welfare and Development Society and Mothers’ Vision gave an standing ovation to Anti Drug Squad West Siang and Assam Police for a major breakthrough in breaking the drug supply chain on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October last. It may be recalled that drug peddlers from Assam and local people connected with the supply were arrested by the police in Arunachal and Assam. A big congregation of women led by Chairperson of Mother Vision was seen at Nehru Chowk giving standing ovation to policemen clapping and giving presentation of local scarf as appreciation for their efforts to nab all peddlers. Hailing the major breakthrough as an crucial breakthrough to curve the drug menace in the district, Smti Jumde Gamlin, Chairperson Mothers’ vision said that the Ngo which has been constantly waging the war on drug menace in the district will always work hand in hand with the police to for such noble venture. The women from all sectors and colonies also came out of from their homes to clapping as a part of standing ovation to the policemen. Ealier, decision to give standing ovation to the policemen was taken up in a joint meeting among ATPWDS, Mothers’ Vision and various women wings as a gesture to appreciate and encourage the morale of policemen to embark upon such crackdown on drug menace which is ruining the lives of youths everywhere. Shri Mato Nyodu, Ige Jini and President West Siang Marketing Committee also spoke in length on different issues pertaining to daily market Shed Managements and extended their gratitude to MLA for such electrification works for the hard working women.