Consultant Visits Shi-Yomi for Contour Mapping of District Hq at Tato .

Publish Date : 13/01/2020


Aalo11th Jan.:- Shri Rakesh Jain, Director Architect Consultancy arrived at Tato, headquarter of Shi- Yomi district and had detail meeting with DC, HOOs Land Advisory Committee members on proposed district headquarter at Tato circle. The team had detail preliminary survey and contour mapping of the land available for the establishment of district headquarter.
The Shi-Yomi Deputy Commissioner Shri Mito Dirchi gave detail briefings to the Consultant on land, people and urgent need to speed up infrastructure needs to quicken up the pace of development in this interior district. The Consultant also assured to visit Tato off and on after the preliminary survey and contour mapping to speed up the town planning process. The DFCSO Aalo Aalo Shri Rebom Nguso with his field staffs continued Adhaar seeding under National Food Security Act.


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