DA Chalks out Elaborate Preparations for any Extension of Lockdown.

Publish Date : 02/06/2020

The meeting chaired by West Siang Deputy Commissioner Smti Swetika Sachan in the Conference has draw public opinion on ongoing Shutdown and modus operandi to be followed in the event of its extension by the govt. The meeting was attended by Superintendent of Police, Administrative officers, senior citizen of Aalo Town, ATPWDS, Bazar Secretaries, Retired Govt. servants and NGOs.
Shri Liyi Bagra, ADC, initiated the strategic points to draw public opinions and general perception in implementing the Shutdown order by the govt.It has-been unanimously decided to place all public/students coming into the district from outside in Facility Quarantine instead of Home Quarantine. The people coming in the district will be checked with details at Ruksin and other check gates and doctors, police and Magistrates positioned at Hissam Check Gates will carry medical checkups and escort them to different Quarantine Facilities at IB, SFS College, Govt. H.S. School and RKM. The Students coming from outside the state, affected places and within the state will be segregated and put under classified Quarantine Facility centres. All the Bazaar Secretaries to inform the shopkeepers that in case of shortage of supply of any enlisted items to apply to the Supply office for issue of passes of Vehicle/Drivers/Handyman for supply of the same to the concerned shops.
Entry to the district from one point at Ruksin Check Gate to be allowed and all other routes to the district will be sealed at different locations. Civil societies/youth organization to identify youths from sectors who will help out the flying squad teams sector wise for identification and proper implementation of self quarantine measures by persons quarantined in their respective home.
The restriction of movements of private vehicles will continue but relaxation form 4am to 6 am in the morning and 4pm to 6 pm in the evening and checking of vehicles documents will also be continued. The vehicles seized will be released after 30th April only and cases will preregistered against the owner of the vehicles. There Nakas will be set up at Puak Point Charali, Govt. H.S.School Gate, Siyom Colony Bogdo Road Tinali and Sipu and Hissam Gates.
The entry of vegetables from Assam and neighbouring district is totally banned up to 30th April and Department of Agriculture will continue to procure the local green vegetables. In order to ease the problem and burden of the department, certain Grocery shops will be located in various colonies/sectors and the department will send the vegetables to that designated shops only. The Rice and LPGs supply will be looked after by DF&CSO till 30th April, 2020.
The wearing of masks outside home has been made mandatory for all and those who are not able to manage it must use protective measures on faces like scarf, handkerchiefs etc while visiting hospital, ATM booths, banks, distribution places otherwise facilities will not be extended to people who do not comply the protective measures. Many prominent Members also extended their valuable suggestions and ADC Shri Liyi Bagra expressed his gratitude to one and all for their keen participation and assured to take their opinions from time to time in our collective effort to fight against this endemic disease.

West Siang Police Launches ”€œEach One Help One”€ Campaign during Shutdown Period.

In a noble gesture, the West Siang Police officer led by Superintendent of PoliceShri Jummar Basar has adopted one needy family each during the lock down period and they have stretch out their efforts further to help out needy brothers and sisters in this testing time to the best of
their abilities.”€Each one help one” Campaign of the West Siang Police now covers 37 needy families. This effort to help them with ration will ease them to regain their strengths and come out to earn their wages after resumption of works in work sites. The Police have also appealed others to help them spreading the campaign and anyone willing to work on such line will be helped to reach out to them by West Siang Police. Meanwhile, Mask for all and awareness campaign are being made at sectors and villages by APDA West Siang unit and so far 486 home made masks have been distributed by them. Voluntary donations also continue to flow in and Shri Kengam Ete, Prop. Yomgo Automobiles contributed Rs. 51,000, Galo Ane Rs. 20,000 and officers Hally Welly DD UD & Housing, Er. Minjom Padu EE PWD,DDSE Ete DPO Marjum Karga are notable contributors toward ‘Mask for All’ to fight against pandemic Covid-19. Around 150 migrant laborers have been provided at New Market Aalo where self lockdown is in operation. The PAYA, NGOs and GYO youths are rendering exceptional voluntary services to assist the Medical and police team at Hissam
Check Gates to check flow of men and materials into the district.


-DA Sets up Public Grievances Cell at DC Office.

On account of countrywide second phase of lockdown due to spread of Covid-19, the District Administration has opened up Public Grievances Cell manned by limited staffs of DC office from
1000hrs to 1600 hours to address the security and grievances of the people. The public may WhatsApp or e-mail to given numbers as circulated in various forums. Altogether 407 people have been covered out of targeted 2872 migrant laborers. These laborers are either provided food in the Relief Camp or provided rations from SDRF fund by the disaster Management Department at the rate of Rs.60 per day to Adult and Rs. 45 to minors. As to MGNREGA programme which is a demand driven, the DRDA has so far not received any demand wages at Rs.202.
Meanwhile, Mask for all and awareness campaign are being made at sectors, offices and villages by APDA West Siang unit and ATPWDS.. Voluntary donations also continue to flow in and Shri Gemar Lollen, businessman contributed Rs. 50,000, Boken Tea Owner Er. Kenjom Ete donated 200 packets of Green Tea and Smti Nyabom Bagra of Aalo Yijo also donated 100 nos of handmade mask and 10 nos of sanitizers. The DMO has entrusted specific duties and responsibilities to all Medical Officers to tackle the disease.