DA Intensified ILP and MV Checkings in different places.

Publish Date : 30/10/2019

Aalo 28thOct: – In a meeting held under the chairmanship of In charge Deputy Commissioner, Shri C. Chukhu, elaborate arrangement have been chalked out to contain growing nuisances like movement without ILP, peddling of drugs and violation of Motor vehicle Acts in different locations of the district. Check gates will be opened up at Bam, Sipu Bridge and Patum to check flow of men and materials and Magistrate and police will also monitor rent houses, hotels, work sites and persons who engage labors without ILP will be held responsible. Night patrolling shall also be carried out.
The OC Police station has informed that five cases of NDPS have been registered at Aalo and intensified checking will go on in different locations. The police had also arrested seven persons in connection with gambling who defied the prohibitory order,