DA, Police working to contain miscreant responsible for arson in District Court.

Publish Date : 09/03/2020

Aalo 5th March:- The district administration and police is working hard to get clues to arsons and gruesome incident of killing of an IRBN Personnel in duty in the District Court Building and the investigation of this sensitive case has been handed to a DSP for a thorough inquiry into all angles. It is also revealed that six guards have been worked out considering the arsons that took place in the past on roaster basis as all cannot be accommodated in the court building. Since the Court Building is located in the downside of the road, a Santri Post could be erected at Court Building to place the police personnel in advantageous position to keep vigil and encounter evil designs by such miscreants. The Police sources disclosed that many people with criminal records were rounded up, arrested and grilled day and night in the police station in the past to get clues and breakthroughs to miscreants responsible for such arsons.
Responding to series of allegations in media, the District administration disclosed that 8(Eight) night vision CCTV cameras in the Court Building were already installed based on demand and need from the fund of district administration to check such crimes in the District Judiciary. Adequate lightening has also been provided to in the area considering the past incident. The investigation is going on without and all effort will be made to apprehend the cuprit.