DC Convenes Coordination Meeting to Contain Growing Menace of Drug

Publish Date : 24/11/2021

DC Convenes Coordination Meeting to drug

Aalo 23rd Nov: In a bid to check the growing menace of drug abuse in the district, a meeting with all stakeholders of the district was held under the chairmanship of  Shri Penga Tato, West Siang Deputy Commissioner at Conference Hall of DC Office today.

            The DC disclosed that govt. has already given instruction to locate all govt. officials who too are involved in drug addiction to give them one chance of rehabilitation and urged all departments to locate such addicts in their respective department. The fight against drug menace should be coordinated efforts and drug peddlers in the district need to be dealt with iron to squeeze the source and asked police to register cases against drug related cases instantly. The ADC Shri Liyi Bagra stressed on exemplary punishment as per NDPS Act to abusers and traffickers, awareness camps with fund drives, parental roles and societal efforts to control the menace. Today the cases of crimes have gone down due to convictions of offenders by the courts and trend needs intensification.

            Participating the discussion, the SP Shri Raja Banthia that administration and police alone cannot solve the issue unless civil society as a whole come forward to fight this menace and informed the police on growing abuses stating that the informants name will be kept secret while filing the FIR also. He also stressed identifying the time and locations where such nuisances take place to step up the surveillance in such vulnerable locations. The DMO Dr. Dubom Bagra, the Principal Govt H.S.S School, Smti Mrbom Riba Bagra, senior APWWS member and others too gave useful suggestions to tackle this menace.

            The Chairperson of Mothers’ Vision and Yomcha ZPM Smti Jumde Yomgam Gamlin and Director De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, Shri Kennedy spoke at length on their 12 long years of association with drug problem in the district highlighting on approaches with addicts, proper parenting, social awareness, statistic of derailed boys and girls. They disclosed that more than 50 chronic drug addicts from Rehabilitation centre have recovered to lead normal social life.