DC, DFO and DFWO Take Science Classes at HSS Kamba.

Publish Date : 29/07/2019


In what could be hailed as a motivational and inspiring approach, the West Siang Deputy Commissioner Smti Swetika Sachan, Shri Abhinav Kumar DFO and Dr. Tomar Kamki, DFWO started taking Science, Maths and Biology classes at Govt. Kamba on 27th last. The enthusiastic science students turned up whole heartedly for the classes taken by the DC and DFO of the district.
The DC and DFO with other available Resource Persons with Science background have taking classes for the science students for the last few months on every free Saturdays at HS Schools of Aalo and Kamba. The noble effort is a step towards encouraging the students to inculcate scientific temperament with their presence in classroom and fill up the vacuum of Science teachers in schools. The District Planning Officer Shri Marjum Karga, Shri Gemar Karga, motivational trainer DIET Kamba gave all logistic support.