DC for Plying of Vehicles on Even/Odd Number and days for Crowd Regulations.

Publish Date : 04/06/2020

odd/even vehicles number

Aalo 28 May: – In a marathon meeting held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner Shri Moki Loyi, it has been decided con-sensually to regulate the traffic moments in the district on the basis of even and odd numbers. The vehicle bearing even number will ply on even days and odd on odd days to regulate crowd moments in Aalo town after relaxations in this 4th phase of lockdown. The administration and police will strictly implement the order after wide publicity and circulation. The Govt. vehicles will be exempted from the purview of the order on road and offices only but not in market places.
The DC said that there is no room for any complacency on relaxation in this pandemic situation when two positive cases is detected from people coming into the state from outside and disease is multiplying alarmingly on daily basis in our neighbor state and appealed all to give awareness on this aspect and insisted on imposition of Night Curfew from 7 pm to 5 am in the morning. A District Covid Control room will be set up soon for dissemination of information. All willing Covid-19 volunteers will be invited with verification of character antecedents from SP Aalo to fit them in multiple roles as deemed fit by the administration only.
It has also been decided to avoid social functions, import of livestock from outside the states, permission for sacrifice of and sale of livestock shall be permitted after obtaining the permission from district administration with submission of earmark of animals and verification through Veterinary department before sacrifice, adherence to rate fixed by the district administration, strict monitoring of people under Home Quarantine and their placements in Dere or respective schools by the concerned HGBs and GBs. He appealed all to generate awareness to the ignorant masses on this aspect and fight as Team West Siang to keep the disease at bay.
The District Nodal Officer for Covid-19 Shri Liyi Bagra gave detail overview of the initiatives and measures that have been taken so far to contain Covid-19 in the district. Senior Citizen Shri Doi Ado, Ex. Minister, Kiro Ete Secy. ATPWDS &APAWS, SP Shri Jummar Basar, DMO, Dr. Moli Riba, DDMO Dorjee Nima, representatives from Mother’s Vision, Galo Ane and Market Committes also spoke in detail on further measures and suggestions to be incorporated in the SOP of the district to be followed in letter spirit henceforth.