DM Insist on Compulsory Licensing of Arms Falling under Category III.

Publish Date : 23/08/2019

Aalo 22nd August: – The West Siang District Magistrate, Smti Swetika Sachan has given specific direction to obtain license for possessing all air weapons including air rifles and air guns having muzzle energy exceeding 20 joules or 15 ft.lbs and/or bore exceeding 0.177 or 4.5 mm falling under category III of schedule as per Arms Rule 2016 in accordance with sec-3 of the Arms Act 1959.
The order is issued as public of west Siang District are possessing above air rifles and air guns without having valid arm licenses and rampantly using the aforesaid air rifles and air guns for hunting animals and birds in the District. No data of such air rifles and air guns are available in this office.
In view of provision of Arms Rule 2016 and sec-3 of Arms Act 1959 as amended up to date, selling and purchasing of above categories of air rifles and air guns without valid arm license are strictly prohibited and holders of such air rifles and air guns are liable to obtain proper licensing from the Competent Authority with immediate effect and failing to adhere the order will attract action as per relevant section of law.