Doctors Remove Angling Hook From the Eye of a 9 Years Old Boy.

Publish Date : 02/07/2020

Aalo 24 June: – In what can be hailed as a moral boosting performance by the doctors of General Hospital Aalo in the eyes of the general public, an angling hook was removed from the eye of an nine years old boy at general Hospital Aalo on 23rd June last. Initially the hook could not be removed at Eye OPD due to non cooperation by the patient. On receiving a phone call from eye department, Dr T. Paser immediately asked them to shift the patient to General Operation Theatre where the patient was given general anesthesia and Dr. Hage Manya, Eye Specialist removed the hook.
Dr. Hage Manya disclosed that the boy may loss the eye vision in the affected eye as the injury was intense and through and through involving lens and retina. The doctors also reiterate that many people are unaware of such facilities provided in OT of General Hospital Aalo where they toil hard and look out for every possible ways to save patients. They also performed six cesarean both elective and emergency on last Saturday.