DTFI Meets on Covid-19 Vaccine and Routine Immunization.

Publish Date : 02/02/2021

Aalo 29th Jan:- The District Task Force on Immunization held under the Chairmanship of Shri Henkir Lollen, SDO took up all key issues pertaining to implementation of Covid-19 vaccine and routine immunization at Conference Hall of DC today.
The SDO stressed on administering the two doses phase wise to all in order the wipe out the disease. He stressed on generating awareness on the vaccine to all health care workers, particularly Anganwadi workers who are unreachable through respective CDPOs so that first phase of vaccination is completed soon. He assured to mobilize the frontline workers of DC office to to take the vaccine in time.
Stressing on fear psychosis among the workers to take the vaccine and absence during vaccination is sort of problem and he suggested the department Heads to show the way by taking the vaccine from top to bottom. The DMO and other Progamme Officers in the district and the MOs in the PHCs, CHCs have done the same to dispel rumors of side effects doing the round in media.The vaccine is quite safe and govt. has pumped in crores of rupees to prepare the vaccine for us and all must come forward to avail the free facility.
The DFWO Dr. Tomar Kamki, DSO Dr. Jombom Kato, DDMO, CDPO, DSP, ADEO Education and other gave useful tips on Covid Vaccination. The DPM Shri Yomto Lollen depicted the overall scenario of Covid-19 vaccine and routine immunization through power point presentation.