Good Education in formative Years of children is of paramount Importance: DC.

Publish Date : 11/01/2021

Angu village

Aalo 5th Jan. Good and quality education in the formative years of children is of paramount and govt. school schools in the past have produced many stalwarts of the state in the past, said West Siang Deputy Commissioner Shri Moki Loyi while inaugurating a Dego Goli pre-primary school at Angu village amid fanfare and gaiety today. He asked the first teachers of the school to give dedicated service to the children and urged village community to cooperate the teachers. He also assured to provide toilets for boys and girls as per demand of the school management committee.
The DDSE Shri Eto Ete said that the school has been sanctioned as per the need of the people and enrollment of 46 students in the initial stage is an encouraging trend and assured to meet
infrastructure needs phase wise. The Chief Engineer WRD, Er. Likar Angu who is also a alumni of Angu Govt. school said that many of the 120 officers and officials from the village are products of Govt school and appealed the villagers to take utmost care in schooling of their children. Shri Yidak Angu,DPC ISSE West Siang disclosed that the village with 146 households in Angu village and villages scattered adjacent to the village will be benefitted and children in the age group of 3-6 years will be nurtured in the pre-primary school and expressed his gratitude to intellectual of the village and and villagers for constructing the school on self-help basis with all furniture and school uniforms being provided on the day by the education department. The GHBs and GBs of the village also spoke on the occasion



DC Aalo