Incessant Rain Creates Communication Bottlenecks.

Publish Date : 15/07/2019


incessant rain havoc rain havoc at aalo





Aalo 11 July: – The incessant rain for the few days has created communication bottlenecks here and there in the district. The main road near Aalo Helipad is almost eroded creating traffic jams at that point and department restoration is going to protect it. The Aalo-Pangin-Pasighat that was blocked on 10th evening was cleared this morning at around 11 am. Many passengers stranded on block point could only wait for hours together and many who went out this morning at early hours had to return back. Aalo- Likabali road too is blocked and people have to move through long Aalo- Pasighat Road. Minor incident of blocks in administrative circles and subdivisions too are reported and passengers are facing problems. The auto drivers and other vehicles parked beneath big trees have cautioned to avoid such parking. Water loggings, rise in river level, erosions etc. are being closely monitored by DDMO Shri Nima Dorjee.