Indian Army to Raise Porter Company to Meet up Requirements in Various Locations.

Publish Date : 21/08/2019

Aalo 14th August: – Indian Army is planning to raise a Porter Company which would cater porter requirements of Indian Army in various locations in the state. A Recruitment Rally for West Siang will be organised from 17th to 20th of this month. As per locations 440 porters are needed at Monigong 290, Tato 40, Mechuka 60 and Kaying 50. The Recruitment Rally is an important event for both Army and Civil authorities as it will provide job needs of the local youths and porter needs of the Army. The Army has sought all civilian cooperation to make the event successful. Al eligible candidates may contact Adjutant, 5 Kumaon and DIPRO Aalo from civilian side for detail information on the rally.