Kabu Village Shows the way to Produce Home Made Masks to Assist APDA.

Publish Date : 04/06/2020


Aalo 02 April: – Kabu Aalo Hiko Pimary Level Federation, a Self Help Group sets a unique trend in producing homemade masks through hand stitching without use of tailor machine in support of the ”€œMask for All” campaign by the district unit of APDA. The team of doctors led by DMO Dr. Moli Riba and APDA Secretary Dr. Olen Tatak received six hundred masks at reasonable rate today. The SHG womenfolk are doing it despite their pre-occupations in sowing paddy in this peak season. Smti Ibom Lollen Lomi leader of the SHG disclosed that few womenfolk are engaged in cutting the clothes into sizes and those clothes are being distributed to each house hold for stitching in the evening. Yigikaum Neli Nengo SHG has also produced 200 such masks for handing over to APDA soon. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Riba appreciated the Smti Teresa Padu ADHT and Smti Jumnyak Padu EO ICDS who are imparting training on making masks through needle stitching in support of the APDA. He said that mask wearing should be made a habit like citizen of Japan where this pandemic Covid-19 could not make inroad. He also congratulated his team of doctors for their campaigns for masks and social distancing everywhere and Dr. Jumge Padu spelt out do and don’ts and cooperation of the people at large in such a pandemic situation.