Lockdown has given fillip to Rural economy in a big way in West Siang.

Publish Date : 02/06/2020

Aalo 11 April: – The continuous effort put in by the Agriculture Production and Marketing Committee, West Siang in supply green leafy vegetables go unabated in the township area in a phased manner involving cluster of villages under their close supervisions. The District Agriculture Officer Shri Margi Ete assisted by his team of officers comprising of ADOs Shri Nyage Loya, Jarny Yomcha, Yompe Ado and Jumdo Jini are personally in the field to pick up the commodities and deliver them Sectors and colonies of Aalo town. This morning the team did a sensible thing to deliver sacks of local vegetables to DMO and Superintendent of Police as these are the department whose officials are engaged constantly in duties and hardly find time to meet the needs of the families they sustain. Usually vegetable growers depend on daily Tata Sumo, STS buses to carry their products involving expenditure and many take back the unsold products or give them in throw away prices after sitting whole day long in the market shed. This time they are having the privileges of selling the commodities sitting in their homes at negotiated prices to APMC, West Siang to earn their livelihood in this time of scarcity. Now their commodities are 100% sold without waste. The progressive and self-reliant fish farmers, vegetable growers and hard working womenfolk in the villages are earning a lot in their quest for giving services in such crisis situation. Many villages are still responding to the call by APMC and lining up for supply up to 30th April. The town dwellers will have rich taste of local vegetables from the jungle that have sustained the tribal community from time immemorial if shutdown is extended though most of the children today are not
accustomed to consume such vegetables. The English dictum,”€œSweet are the uses of adversity”€ holds truth now to let new generation know at least about the age old vegetables that sustain our forefathers as food components in those days of adversities. Aaloites and farmers are indebted to dedicated team of officers from APMC for their relentless services as cohesive unit to come up excellently in the hour of crisis.