Many ZPMs/GP Seats go unopposed for Ensuing PR Poll in West Siang.

Publish Date : 18/12/2020


Aalo 08 Dec. The Panchayat Poll this time witnesses many ZPM and Gram Panchayat Member seats going unopposed in three constituencies of West Siang district after date of withdrawal. In 27th Liromoba, four BJP candidates Shri Babom Romin from Liromoba, Smti Jumde Yomgam Gamlin from Yomcha, Shri Minba Raksap from Darak and Miss Mari Kato from Lower Kamba are declared elected unopposed and one seat at Upper kamba is contested out of five ZPM seats. Out of 115 GPM seats in four circles, 95 GPMs are declared unopposed from BJP and 15 GPMs are under contest.
In Aalo East constituency, all four ZPM Seats are contested and in Aalo West five out of six seats are contested seats and Shri Gekar Angu is the lone ZPM elected unopposed from Aalo West Constituency. Out of 15 ZPM seats, five are uncontested and in 341 GP seats, 282 go uncontested, 55 seats are contested and 4 seats are vacant due to rejections.