Minister Inaugurates 2.20 km Miyi Rao Minor Irrigation Channel.

Publish Date : 10/02/2020


Aalo 8th Feb: – The Minister Industry & Textile Er. Tumke Bagra inaugurated a Minor Irrigation spanning 2.20 km amid cheer at Doji Village today. The irrigation channel executed by WRD with source from Sipu River has a command area of 246 acres to benefit 94 families in the downside of the irrigation Channel. The said asset was formally handed over to the village people by Er. T. Tasing EE WRD to President of WUA, Miyi Rao Shri Tummin Karcho at a function held at Wet Rice Cultivation Field today.
Speaking on the occasion, Er. Bagra said that primary objective of the channel is to tap water from the Sipu River to assure irrigation facility as per growing demand of the people and urged all to see equitable distribution of water from the source. He appealed all to shed political differences and come to terms on all development fronts. He also disclosed that he is in touch with missionary school authorities for school in the area provided people donate suitable land for the welfare of the school children and select PRIs who can really work for the cause of the area working hand in hand with him. Speaking on the issue of recent turmoil by the GSU, he said that any grievances and issues should be taken up with the legislatures of the district than to air unnecessary wave of apprehensions among the people on development fronts adding that young generation should play a constructive role in the society.
Er. Likar Angu Chief Engineer WRD disclosed that there is a drastic reduction in budget allocation under irrigation to meet the needs of ever expanding rural population. He said that all maintenance works resulting from erosion, leakages of water will be looked into from time to time and people should keep in touch with leader and officers to facilitate more such people-centric schemes. Shri Margi Ete DDA, Shri Kirmar Lona DHO, GBS and public of the area spoke on their subjects and issues elaborately.