Mothers’ Vision Conducts Weeklong Drug Awareness in Shi- Yomi District.

Publish Date : 09/03/2020


Aalo 5th March: – The Mothers’ Vision conducted weeklong technical Session and awareness programme on drug problem, substance abuse, prevention plan, methods to deal with addicts, parenting skill, HIV/AIDS, STD etc at Tato and Mechuka of Shi-Yomi district from 28th to 4th March last.
The Chairperson Mothers’€™ Vision Smti Jumde Gamlin met all CBOs of the newly created district and suggested them to adopt preventive methods to prevent the young generation from this menace that is engulfing our young generation. Smti kenbi bagra, General Secretary stressed on impact education in life of teenagers which automatically helps them keeping themselves away from harmful activities. Smti Tobom Padu Ete and Kirbom Padu Ete emphasized the need and techniques to bring out the best from the children.
Smti Yangam Ete Padu and Gebom Ete Padu elaborated on how women can come forward and equally contribute with male counterpart rather than limiting oneself in households activities only as Resource Persons. Shri Kennedy Bagra wrested the technical session on use, abuse and misuse of drugs and its implication on society through power point presentation.