NBK Signs Green Tea Accord with all Stakeholders

Publish Date : 18/10/2021

NBK Signs Green Tea Accord with all Stakeholders

On 16th October:-  A Green Tea Accord was signed between by the NBK Executive Members, PRIs members, HGBs and Village Secretaries of Nugong Banggo (Karging Menyang) of Rebo-Perging Circle comprises of 8 (Eight ) Villages of Siang District On 16th October, 2021, The Green Tea Accord was signed in the name and style of “NBK Green Tea Accord” to cultivate tea plantation for own consumption and they declared and decided not to buy tea from the market. Such plantation of tea for owns consumption will save our hard-earned money.

 They, further resolve to promote and encourage the other household members of NBK 8 (Eight) villages to plant more and more tea plantation for self-reliance and also for self-sustenance. They shall share their ideas, thoughts and experience for our society towards exploring a multi sect-oral planning, participation and to create awareness activities among the Banggo people for a healthy co-existence.

Shri Onil Taki who presented the NBK Green Tea Accord spoke on the economic benefits and its historical origin how tea was started from China.

Shri Talem Jamoh who was the Resources Person for the Accord suggested the Banggo that it should not be remained only on the paper but every household must start the plantation of tea. He spoke on the different between the home made tea as organic and good for health but the tea made in the big factories are diluted and added chemical to make better taste which may cause cancer for the human body.