No Complacency on Relaxations in the Third Phase of Lockdown: DC

Publish Date : 04/06/2020


Aalo 05 May: – The West Siang Deputy Commissioner Smti Sachan has cautioned people of any complacency due to relaxations given to the people of the Green Zones for carrying out various activities. The check gates have to keep close vigil and screen people coming in huge numbers to the district from different parts of the state and country. The precautions assume more significance after entering of many people from different classified zones. The social distancing norms and wearing of masks have to be maintained in public and market places during the third phase of lockdown and fine will be imposed to the violators and shopkeepers not complying with laid down guidelines of engaging working staffs strength and social distancing demarcation in front of the shops will be sealed for f a week. The District administration is taking up another round of meeting prominent citizen of Aalo to implement the Third Phase of Lockdown. Meanwhile APDA is still on its mission “Masks for All” campaign and distribute Masks to Yomcha and Liromoba circle braving against heavy downpour and clearing road blockades in course of their journey.
In a goodwill and encouraging gesture the Bene Village provided lunch to the hard working medial, police and volunteers team at Bam Check gate. The APWWS and many others had done such services at Hissam gate to encourage the team manning the Hissam Gate too.