Nyomdir Beye Road Blocked at Several Points for last twenty days.

Publish Date : 03/11/2020

beye road Aalo

Aalo 08th Oct: – The Ngomdir-Beye PMGSY road is blocked for the last 20 days making people difficult to get essential commodities and movement of people in the sad stretch of road. The said road is being executed by Rural Development Department and the contractor of said assigned for construction works is said to withdraw all men and materials from the roadsides and no work is taking place now. The road is blocked at 20 points, the people of the villagers bracing through a tough times for such long period to get essential commodities, evacuate patients that require emergency medical attentions. The people are now managing all needs through foot march which is too is difficult due to heavy landslides triggered by rain on 17th September last and it is still unattended to ease the woes of the villages.