One of the remotest village Arunachal Pradesh near Indo-China Border Electrified by APEDA.

Publish Date : 27/01/2020

Aalo 12th Jan.:- On behalf of villages I shri Tagam Jompen (Ex-SAM) Namasibo of Namasibo village, Monigong Circle, She. Yomi District, Arunachal Pradesh would like to express our sincerest thanks to the Arunacha;l Pradesh Energy Development Agency .Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Aalo Division for successfully completion of the 5 KW mmhp ( mini micro hydel project) in the most remote village of Shi Yomi District, located only 50 km in aerial distance from Indo- China border.
Our village Namasibo was droid of basic electricity even in this modern age due to which we lacked behind from other areas.
But the cited hydel project leads sincerely by Er. Repu Haider, JE APEDA, Aalo Division amidst so much difficulties and the limitation due to its difficult rocky terrain and landscape has brought light and hope to our lives and we cannot be thankful enough to him and his team for this massive and appreciative Endeavour. This has made us optimistic towards a beginning of a positive change.