Paya Hill Top Offers Paragliding Recce to Adventorous Tourists.

Publish Date : 03/12/2020


 26th Nov:- The hill top and river bank at Paya village in West Siang District has something to offer to adventure tourism in the district. The destination offered scope for paragliding on its hill top successfully during two days of adventure sports in that location on 24th and 25th of this month after a long layoff due to pandemic situation in the district. The gliders could successfully carry out the adventure sports there.
The villagers have been provided a Motor Boat few years back to the Village Tourist Development Committee to sail along the banks of the beautiful banks of Yomgo River at yearly nominal fee to the Department of Tourism from the revenue the committee gets. The Torism Development Officer West Siang Shri T. Kopak, who monitored the activities there worded optimistic on creating infrastructure and more such adventurous tourism in that place with govt aid and assistances.