PAYWA Candle Marches in Solidarity and Protest against killing of a Woman in Hit and Run Incident.

Publish Date : 24/09/2019


Aalo 20th Sept: – The Paktu Ao Youth Welfare Association with conglomeration of clan based unions and associations took out a Candle March from Nehru Chowk to the streets of Aalo in solidarity and protest against gruesome killing of late Smti Poi Doji Lollen in the Hit and Run Incident near Treasury Office Aalo at around 5.30 pm on 12th Sept last. The victim succumbed to serious injuries on 17th September at Dibrugarh after battling for life.

Speaking on the occasion the family of the bereaved family members expressed their deep anguish over the incident and appealed administration, police and public to do their best to locate the culprit to justice to the deceased. The Chief Patron of PAYWA Shri Jorik Bagra and Shri Gemo Ete, Secy. PAYWA appealed all to support the cause and expressed anguish on mushrooming bikes possession with teenagers in all schools.

The association demanded immediate arrest of the culprit involved in the instant hit & Run case within 3 days from the submission of the representation, Installation of CC TV (HD) camera in the important tri-junction located at Aalo town, Random arrest of the minor riders and noise polluting bikes. PAYWA also hinted on a democratic movement in case of failure to nab the culprit involved in the instant hit & Run case.

Riding with neck-break speed, changing the silencer pipe to emit noisy sound to terrorize pedestrians has been a recent fashion in many places of the state. Though responsibility lies with Administration and police to work out modalities to crack down on such nuisance but public too has role to play to contain such crime. The violent riders and perpetrators of crime are from the villages and few town dwellers and conscious GBs, elite members, senior citizens need to oppose and educate such nuisances among the youths at their level too.