People asked to keep away from HT Poles in between Aalo132/33 KV Switchyard to Siru Tali Hydel during Charging.

Publish Date : 03/01/2020

Aalo 27th Dec:- The Power Department has cautioned all to avoid venturing near HT poles from Aalo 132/33 KV Switchyard to siru Tali Hydel at Kamba as it will be test charged from 8am to 5pm from 6th to 8th January, 2020. This 33Kv Line had remained defunct for many years but effort is being made now to evacuate power supply of Siru Tali Hydel to Aalo Switchyard for synchronization at 33 KV voltage level. The successful evacuation of power will come handy for power consumers of Aalo during crisis period.