School Shows the Way towards Cleanliness and Plastic Free Environment.

Publish Date : 07/08/2019


Aalo 6th August:- The Town Middle School is not only maintaining a high sense of discipline and cleanliness in the past but it is the first school in West Siang to be declared as the plastic free school. The Headmaster of the school, Shri Degam Ete had already been conferred with State Award for excellence for such works throughout his service life.
He has divided the school students from class VI to VIII into four groups as Gandhi House, Nehru House, Tagore House and Sarojini House with three teachers in each group to guide and take up the task of cleanliness in a competitive way. Each House has to house carry out cleanliness work at least for 15 days on roster basis. It is seen as a noble way to groom govt. schools in such a manner to regain the lost glory with the rise and quest for private schools.