Seized Tobacco Products Destroyed at Aalo Police Station.

Publish Date : 03/09/2019

Aalo 3rd Sept: – The seized tobacco products illegally sold within the radius of 100 yards from all school establishments were destroyed by team of officers led by Magistrate Smti Kartu Bam, Dr. J.Kato DPO, DTCC and Police officers at Police Station on 2nd Sept last. The products like Nevla 2032 pckts, Cigarette 225, Beedi 221 bundles, Khaini 5 containers, 155 Gul (Powder), 755 vimal Packts, Rajniganda 333packts, 3739 Rajniwas Packts, 7 bundles of Kaka Sada, Pan Masala 73 packets, 6 bundles of Bandar Lolak, 15 bundles of Patta Sada, 201 bundles of Bihari Sada and 220 bundles of Kamla Pasand.
The raid and seizure had to be carried out on 26th August when shops near various school continued to sell these tobacco products despite serving the prohibitory order issued by the District Magistrate to Market Committees.