Torrential Rain, Cloud Burst and Tremor Create Havoc at Darak Circle and other Places at Aalo.

Publish Date : 29/07/2019


The Incessant rain with Cloud Bursts and tremor in different places of Darak Circle and Aalo in the intervening nights of 20th and 21st July have left trails of Devastation everywhere. Hundred of landslides have taken place in Darak to Yomcha Road via Boje-Potom, Darak-Poyom-Boruraksap, Darak to Larmuk via Bogo and many villages are cut off for the last one week. Restoration works are being taken up by the Executing Agencies.
At Morak near Sala Potom, a landslide with an intensity of 100 m completely washed wet cultivation fields with rich varieties of plants and trees garden and all infrastructure created on that particular location. Properties running into many lacs are estimated in the land is owned by Shri Biso Potom, former Circle HGB of Darak Circle. The Darak Circle too experienced major tremor in the month April with epicenter there and many casualties were reported to the govt. Many eye witnesses say that such large scale devastations again in this circle are a result of combined forces of heavy rain, cloud Burst and tremor that took place on 20th July again.
At Aalo, several wet cultivation fields, big local pillar houses at Kabu Maasi Village, boundary wall of Pobdi Girls€™ Hostels and many minor structures along the river course are reported to be washed away.