Torrential Rain Damages Aalo Road.

Publish Date : 22/07/2019

road block

The continues rain for last few days is creating havoc to disrupts surface communication connecting West
Siang district. The 5 mtrs span RCC culvert 2 km away Aalo has washed out. The abutment capsized due to
scouring of foundation. The RK mission School falling on Aalo Likabali road is cut off and temporary
restoration is in full swing under the supervision of AE Highway Er. Gemar Padu and permanent restoration
may take two to three months. The Aalo-Pangin and Pasighat road is also under landslide at different
location and patients and other commuters are stranded sometimes for six hours to get block points
cleared giving panic time for college admission at Pasighat and outside. The newly constructed Highway is
also found sinking and deep cracks on different portion near Renging near Pasighat and severe rainfall
may worsen it anytime.